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 Class Explanation and Skills

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PostSubject: Class Explanation and Skills   Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:56 pm

Martial Artist- these people are melee fighters, they excel at no weapon combat and aren't allowed to use any.
Spiritualist- Experts in using ki attacks. They know a vast variety of ki attacks but are limited in other forms of combat.
Sword Specialist- Master of sword based weapons. They are not as skilled in martial arts then in kenjutsu.
Healer- As a Namek only class, they are masters in supporting the battle, however they can't last much long in actual combat.
Barbarian- The powerhouse of the classes. They are the only class that can use two handed weapons bu can't use one handed weapons.

Turtle School exclusive moves: Kamehameha, Foot Kamehameha, Rock Scissors Paper Punch
Crane School- Dodon Ray, Multi Arm, Four Bodies techniques, Tri-Beam
Mirai- Shining Sword Slash, Burning Attack, Finish Buster
Dragon- Penetrate!, Dragon Fist, Galick Gun, Final Flash
Demon- Masenko, Light Grenade, Special Beam Cannon, Explosive Demon Beam
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Class Explanation and Skills
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