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 Nishiko Xiaoli

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PostSubject: Nishiko Xiaoli   Nishiko Xiaoli Icon_minitimeThu Sep 20, 2012 7:33 pm

Age: 18
Race: Human
Class: Martial Artist
School: Demon (she's just a beginner)
Personality: She's very logical and usually plans out her attacks before doing anything. Nishiko doesn't like loud people mainly because she's trying to concentrate; she doesn't understand that she's actually quite loud herself, especially when angered. She's also a fangirl, making her a scary breed of being. She cares for Piccolo and Gohan equally, and admires them both. She's not afraid to hold back her words if she feels the person deserves it. She loves to scold a person before a fight, especially if they picked a fight on someone weaker. She's much nicer with her parents, acting every bit like a respectable, young lady. This is to only make them happy. She knows that they know about her desire to be a fighter, but she just doesn't want them to think it'll corrupt her.
History: While having a Chinese last name, Nishiko was born in Satan City. Her parents had left China for the city simply because of work. When she was little, she had watched the Z-Fighters fight the Saiyans. While watching it, she was greatly impressed with the boy and the one known as Piccolo (her parents had told her stories about Piccolo since he was like the boogieman in her household). She had cried when he died, and vowed from then on to be like him. She continued to keep watch on how Piccolo and Gohan (she finally discovered his name long after the events) were doing. They became her heroes and she became their fangirls, outright defending them in school when someone dared to smear their name. She knows very little in the Demon style (all she knows about it is what she viewed in the world tournaments and whatever video she could get a hold of). She is currently pursuing Piccolo to get him to teach her more of the Demon style.
Weapon: N/A
Goku: She only knows of him from the tournaments. She doesn't mind him.
Krillin: Like with Goku, she doesn't know him, but she does find his voice annoying.
Yamcha: She doesn't really care for him.
Tien: She likes him since he's pretty rational.
Chaozu: She thinks he's adorable.
Vegeta: Nishiko still holds a grudge against him for trying to blow up the planet she lives on and will openly glare at him if placed in the same area with him.
Piccolo: She is his fangirl, so she obviously likes him better than the other Z-Fighters.
Gohan: She is also his fangirl.
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Nishiko Xiaoli
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